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Product Description: Nandrolonphenylpropionat Magnus Pharmaceuticals

The Nandrolonphenylpropionat by Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a high-quality athlete product designed to enhance performance and promote muscle growth. With its unique formulation and potent ingredients, this steroid offers numerous benefits for bodybuilders looking to take their training to the next level.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful anabolic properties that stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • Promotes nitrogen retention, leading to increased muscle mass
  • Enhances strength and endurance for improved athletic performance
  • Accelerates post-workout recovery, reducing muscle fatigue
  • Boosts red blood cell production, improving oxygen delivery to muscles

Possible Side Effects:

  • Androgenic effects such as acne, oily skin, and hair loss
  • Potential cardiovascular risks, including increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production
  • Possible liver toxicity if used irresponsibly or for prolonged periods

Method of Use, Course of Administration, and Dosage for Bodybuilders:

The Nandrolonphenylpropionat is typically administered through intramuscular injections. For bodybuilders, a typical dosage ranges from 200mg to 600mg per week, depending on individual goals and experience. It is recommended to divide the weekly dosage into two or three equal injections to maintain stable blood levels.

Indications and Contraindications:

This product is indicated for bodybuilders and athletes seeking to enhance their performance and muscle growth. However, it is important to note that the use of steroids should only be considered by individuals who are in good health and have consulted with a healthcare professional. Contraindications include but are not limited to individuals with prostate or breast cancer, liver or kidney disease, and cardiovascular conditions.

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